04-30-17 Picnic or Football? Both Please

Twas two weeks before the tournament and all through the field,
 Every player was stretching, even the elders.

 The flags were stuffed in the crate with care,
 And Yager dreaded their pulling and deciding just where.

 The defense was all lounging around on the bench,
 The slowest one cranky and being a grouch.

 And I in my shorts and t-shirt threadbare,
 Was gnashing my cleats and pulling out my underwear.

 When out from the side there arose such a platter,
 I sprang from my chair to flee over to the chatter.

 Away to the food I flew like a flash,
 Tripped over a volleyball and arrived with a rash.

And so ended the day, not a single one sore.
Please don't forget, to work out your core.

-Husein Ezzi