• You must bring your own water bottle. Drinks will be provided, but we will not have disposable cups.
  • Shorts and pants cannot have pockets, zippers, buttons or belt loops; they cannot be worn inside out; pockets cannot be sewn shut or duck taped.
  • No cleats with metal spikes. It is mandatory to wear football cleats for safety.
  • Football gloves are allowed and are recommended. It is your responsibility to make sure they are per regulation.
  • Other suggested equipment includes mouth-guards, pads, sleeves and other athletic gear. It may be worn only if it is not made of metal or hard material.
  • Mouth-guards are recommended for not only the protection of teeth, but lips and head injury. 
  • Don't forget sunscreen!
  • T-shirts, flags and other equipment will be provided. Please be sure to bring extra clothing if needed. 
  • Regular men's official size ball will be used during games.