Recap 02-14-15 Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can

Today, I speak to you on a serious note...the dangers of the competitive world of MFL Sunday Football. As we step onto the field, we are all aware of the risks we take. However, today's victim signed no contract, took no oath, and received no warnings. As Ammar Nazarali ran full speed to grab Yager's flag, he lost his balance and crashed into a spectator. The crunching sound was ten times that of an extra ruffled potato chip. This innocent bystander was severely injured. Fallen on the ground in pain, it was our responsibility to help. Do we call the ambulance? Send for a doctor? We should...but what sort of trouble would we get into? Would someone's life be forever changed over one accident? So, we did the only thing we could do. We covered it up. With the brain trauma and likely loss of memory, we knew any testimony couldn't hold up in a court of law. We rearranged the crime scene to cover our tracks and placed the blame on a poor patsy. A blood pact was made to swear secrecy and never speak of this again. Ammar has been suspended 3 games for his actions and will anonymously pay for surgery to insert screws and make this individual whole again. Final score of the game: Red 11, Blue 10. Final score for justice? Ammar 1....Fence 0. (Ammar ran into the fence and broke two pieces, we covered it up, shhhhhh.)
-Husein Ezzi