Recap 05-14-16 Suarez so clutch

Football Diary: Day 3258
What started as a chilly morning, turned into a heated battle on the football field. Having only 7 people to start, Yager very quickly jumped at the opportunity to show off his throwing prowess as All-Time QB. Then, very leisurely and well rested, former Dallas great, Tayib Rangwala native of Austin TX and Hasnain Rangwala show up late. Still having an odd number of people, Hasnain jumped at the shot to play all-time D. His yellow flags flapped in the air as he chased Yager and Saleh around the field, truly beautiful. As I wiped the sweat from my brow I look off into the distance. We couldn’t believe our eyes, Mr. Sodawater joined us and completed our 5v5 football dreams. The battle waged as Mustafa took control of his team, showing next level leadership, I couldn’t help but think of myself at his young, spry age. But he came up just short, as Zo and Yager teamed together to deal the final blow. What an amazing day, and great game. Until next week!
-Huzaifa Shafiq