2022 MFL City vs City Championship


What: City/Regional teams will compete in a two-day tournament against the best of the best from other cities.
When: March 26-27th, 2022
Where: Houston, TX

This tournament is unique to past MFL tournaments and may take place only once every few years. We are inviting any City that can form a team to participate! 

- A representative from each city must message Mustafa bhai Burhani to register the participating number of teams by February 14th. We do have a cap set on teams, so register ASAP.
- Cities, if manageable, are allowed to register multiple teams. All teams coming from one city must be competitively balanced.
- $500 non-refundable team registration fee and final rosters are due by February 28th.
- Minimum of 7 players required per team. Proof of travel must be submitted by March 7th.
*Committee reserves the right to restrict teams for the sake of tournament scheduling/structure/competition*
- 6 games minimum 7v7 play with MFL Rules.
- Jerseys will not be provided. Color selection TBD after registration ends.
- Players that have changed residency are eligible to play for a city that they have lived in for at least 7 years. They may choose to play for a city they are currently living in if they have been there for at least 2 years.
*Exceptions will be considered and are at the discretion of the Committee. Requests can be made to Mustafa bhai Burhani*