2018 Fantasy


Budget was $200. Team of 9 players, consisting of 1 QB and 8 other players. You can only pick a player once and you are responsible for adding up your players and making sure that you are within your limit of $200. If you spend above the budget or pick the same player twice, you will be automatically disqualified. You may have only ONE entry per person.

This year, there was two champions. One based on the average number of points per game a player accrues and one based on the cumulative points a player achieves. Please keep in mind that players will play a different amount of games based on how far they get in the playoffs. They could play as few as two games and as many as six. 

Points were tallied using the following scoring system:

"+" Completion    0.5
"-" / Incompletion    -0.25
Interception    -1
"+" Reception    1
Drop    -0.5
"+" Rush    0.25
Tackle for Loss    -0.25
Safety    -1
Rushing TD    4
Passing TD    4
Receiving TD    6
1-XP    1
2-XP    2
3-XP    3

Flag Pull    0.25
Tackle for Loss    1
Batted Ball    1
Interception    3
Defensive TD    6
Punt Return TD    6