About Us

We are members of the DFW Dawoodi Bohra community who enjoy playing flag football. We try to play every Sunday and are organizing an annual nationwide tournament for all members of our community. We strive to give youth members across the US an opportunity to learn the values that football teaches, create relationships and gain friends. We know the importance of health, fitness and physical activity and want to build character by encouraging good sportsmanship, self-confidence and teamwork. We want to have fun, but safety is of utmost importance, which is demonstrated in our rules. Please join us!

2023 Flag Football Tournament
132 Talented athletes from all across USA will be featured on 12 teams in this tourney.
Members of the India based Muslim sect Dawoodi Bohras will participate in the 2-day event to win the team championship trophy and individual skills competition prizes.
Family and friends of the athletes along with volunteers will be there in support and the final game may have up to 500 viewers from across the local DFW Dawoodi Bohra community.

Why should you sponsor?

Sponsors wanting to display their brand, service or a product may target a tight-knit community that honors loyalty among other values.
Indian/South Asian products, services and brands would fare well, however with most of the talent born in America, any exposure from any company- big or small would affect these youth- ages 15-40.
This is our second annual tournament and building a relationship going forward where we expect over 150 participants in years to come would be beneficial for both parties.

Our website will provide our sponsors with exposure to the entire Dawoodi Bohra Community across the world.
A single Whatsapp message is sometimes forwarded within minutes to our world-wide network of around 1 million Bohras.
With the youth wanting to share photos of their accomplishments and participation (all with your banner in the background) on every single social media platform, the reach is endless.
There are different packages available with all of them including recognition on our website. Please contact us for more information.