Recap 02-09-14

As I stepped onto the field covered in fog, I knew today would be no ordinary day. The sound of kids laughing and setting up the field was nowhere to be found. As we wondered where everyone was, the fog whispered, "To those who of them will pay". If only we knew what the fog had in store for us, we would have never left home.

As we played some 2 on 2 while waiting for people to arrive, a car drove up to the field and watched us silently. He waited. And waited. The longer he waited, the more furious the fog grew. Then he left. The fog was not pleased. "Those who tease me...will be covered in leaves". I didn't know what that meant at the time...I most certainly do know.

As people arrived, we asked who was this man who waited in the car and left. Mustafa confidently proclaimed it was him. He was proud to disrespect the fog. Little did he know what horrors awaited him on the field.

Struggling through occasional double coverage, Mustafa's energy level was rock bottom. His mind was clouded by thoughts of breakfast and chocolate milk. This combination proved to be too much for him. He thought some water and a quick sit would ease his troubles. He was right...until he heard the words, "MUSTAFA BRING THE JUG". The fog laughed. He knew his revenge would soon begin.

Each step Mustafa took felt like a thousand miles. His body was breaking down. Half way there, he fell to the ground. First his knees. Then his hands. He prayed to the football gods, "Forgive me". Some people think war is the most awful thing to witness...those people have never seen Mustafa throw up.

The aftermath was brutal. I won't go into details, but Burhanuddin said, "It looked like eggs and orange". As Mustafa stared into the ground and saw what he had done, he couldn't bare the shame. He took some surrounding leaves and covered what he had done (photo attached). The fog was pleased. His revenge was complete.

Red defeated Blue 9 to 5, but really the only score for today was: Fog 1...Mustafa 0.

-Husein Ezzi