Recap 03-09-14

There are many reasons someone might miss MFL Sunday football. Sometimes they are in India. Maybe they have to attend a Sunday brunch with family. There have even been rare cases when someone just doesn't want to play. The one thing that will ALWAYS cause someone to miss or be super late to football...the two most evil words in history: SPRING FORWARD. Today, spring forward claimed another poor soul. We aren't sure what happened to Ammar Nazarali, but we can assume the space time continuum has devoured him completely. This proved to be costly for the Blue team. Without a reliable kicker, they were burned for several long gains and TDs that made a big difference in a close game.

The key turning point was a clutch goal line stand by the forgotten Jafferji brother, Huzaifa. The very next play, he would sprint down the middle for a 99 yard TD to give the Red team the lead. Ah, but what inspired this brilliant play? In a touching moment, members of the Blue team presented a beautiful gift to the Red QB Yager. They thought, "Hey, he just scored a TD on an INT, let's make him even happier with a gift!" How were they thanked for this generous and kind act? With bullets and missiles for TDs. How cruel of you Yager. Final score 11-10 Red.
-Husein Ezzi