Recap 03-23-14

I woke up with the sun blinding my eyes. It was just your typical perfect late March day. A crisp 65 degrees with birds singing and the grass as green as chutney. I thought to myself, "Could this day get any better?". Then I woke up for real with my toes frozen solid. It was so bloody cold outside, I had to wear 3 jogging suits, 5 socks, and 2 pairs of mittens. When we reached the field, there were a many of children dressed warmly and well prepared. And of course, your classic few with shorts and t-shirts begging for pants and jackets. As usual, we laughed and let the children suffer.

The game started with a Looney Tunes type play with Moiz's shirt being ripped in half as he spun around in circles. The resulting 3 mile long piece of clothing was put to good use as a scarf...that was frequently used to choke the player. The Blue team had a man advantage, but what they didn't realize was their extra man was injured. This was no ordinary injury though. This was...a knee hole. Strangely, the Blue team attacked the injury with multiple passes directly to the knee hole. Several players were attracted by the mysteries of the knee hole and were distracted all game. Yes, the power of the knee hole is very arousing.
-Husein Ezzi