Recap 03-30-14

It was a beautiful day, sunny and bright outside. The animals were out to play, but little did they know that there would be no one to play with them in the park. I started the day as usual, leaving the house at 9 and getting to Fritz at 9:05. As I got there I noticed Ammar wasn’t lying to me when he said he was going to come this week. We both took out the stuff and headed to the field. Ammar asked his usual questions, “Who’s coming this week?” I said jokingly, “no one”. Little did I know that I was almost correct.
I stared at the field and asked myself whether or not I should set up the field. I decided to set up the string and after nailing down three nails I decided to wait 10 minutes. It was 9:30 and I decided to pick everything up. Ammar came to me, and I told him that I’m sending a cancel message. He said he was going home. As we said our goodbyes, I rolled up all of the string, and a car came. Ammar was surprised as well as I.
We started our classic masjid football sized field 2 on 2 with Moiz bhai all-time. That ended up a tie pretty much as there was non-stop scoring. We were sitting on the bench during a long water break and Taiyeb showed up.
As we played 3 on 3, the teams were fair and everyone was scoring. It was 7-6 Blue when Red decided to play a game called, “let’s see how many pick-6’s Taiyeb can throw”. One, two, three. In a matter of seconds, the score was 10-7. As Blue finished the game, winning 11-7, we decided to keep playing. What seemed another few seconds later, Blue was up 16-8 in what was a classic “who gives a crap” circus game.
Taiyeb was undoubtedly the MVP of the game. Unfortunately, it was for the wrong team.
Final score: Blue 16, Red 8.

I may have not gotten the scores right.
-Aliasgar Hamid