Recap 04-13-14

The MFL Gods are good. They provided us with a beautiful morning temperature and Six Flags mist fans to blow at us. Surely, they had outdone themselves. However, it was all too soon before the all-knowing Gods wept when they foresaw the forthcoming cowardice.

Like a disappointed mother, it started to pour when issues of attendance arose. There were no shows, late shows and even tonight shows. Rain, work and downloading were reasons to shun her. At 9:39 The Late Show with Avid Letterman came- the show about someone who is zealous enough to come to football and even kickoff with a fractured foot, but is terrible with the technology of clocks, typing and Whatsapp- better stick to letters, man. We even saw a sneak peak at the Late Show with I wasn’t EVEN tOLd to WEAR shoes. It features a man that drives all the way to Fritz Park in sports enabled clothing, just to unlock a car that was running. If only, if only someone had told him. Hopefully, it will premiere soon. Finally, after 8 minutes, we saw The Tonight Show with leMME go ALL IN, who decided to stay up tonight partying and be late tomorrow.

Just as disheartening was the play on the field. Everything from targeting of a cleat-less player, to touchdowns being claimed after unforced forward fumbles, to kneel-downs at the one inch line being taken out to the 20. Some didn’t reach far enough for the touchdown and other players didn’t run hard enough after the ball was thrown for a hail-mary on sixth down. There was even the shameful act of forfeiture (2-6) to a team playing down a man in a game of three on four. To make matters worse, the core of the losing team declared they would receive the ball after revamping their team to make it superior. After many delay-of-games, they went on to win a promulgated sudden-death game (10-8).

With smiles on their faces, the dedicated MFLers played hard and did not go home until the afternoon. They were there SHARP and ON TIME at 9:15 and brought plenty of water that they didn’t drink. There was no weather update, yet they showed up and didn’t sing “Rain, Rain, Go Away.” The good MFL Gods rewarded them with a very fun, entertaining and memorable time.
-Moiz Jafferji