Recap 05-04-14

Games are often won before they even begin. How? Picking the right players for your team can be the difference between victory and defeat. On this day, the Blue team sealed their fate in the 3rd round. With a star kicker available, the Blue team decided to pass on special teams help for some extra "offense". Little did they know, the entire game was basically won when every Blue drive started on the negative 20 yard line. Close to the end of the game, the Blue captain tried to inspire his team with a call to "Bucker Up". With his team so very confused, the game ended on back to back pick 6s. Remember kids, don't text and drive and please...buckle up. Final score: Red 11 Blue 5.

As is usually the case on these days, the game was decided by the cruel wind. Thanks to some timely winded aided INTs and kickoffs, the Red team was able to jump out to an early lead that they would not relinquish. Final score: Red 8 Blue knee hole. I mean 4.
-Husein Ezzi